News Update – July 2018


Hello dear Ghostly ones. We thought that maybe, we should let you know what’s been happening at GCHQ recently as we’ve been, a little quieter than usual. All is good, all is calm / manic, it’s just that we are busy finalising pre-production vocals with John Paul and working on lyrics / melodies. We had 9 songs from the extensive writing sessions plus loads of other ideas which were then, whittled down to 5 clear-cut winners as there was a definite “feel” to those songs. They really do flow beautifully.

This leaves us with the task of writing one more song to finish the album. That process started at Matt’s, over the weekend. Album 2 is quite different to “Cycle of Life” but it still retains, that Ghost Community “vibe”. We are hoping to have the whole writing process wrapped up by the end of August and then we will start, looking at studios to get album 2 recorded properly. In the meantime, we must look at mix engineers and artwork designers along with a multitude of other things, to make all of this happen. Also, we have a title for the album too but more on that, soon.

Finally, we will be auditioning people for the vacant drummer’s hot seat later in August. We are very excited to get the “new guy” in place but the priority has been, understandably, getting the album finished. We’ll keep you posted as things evolve and we promise to make the whole process far more immersive for those interested, of course, in what is going on. Anyway, all aboard as they say and we’ll see you at the end of August if not, before.

Be good to one another.

Matt, JPV, Si and Martin xxxx


PS The picture here is not the album cover…….