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A very good afternoon dear Ghostly ones. We try our hardest not to bombard you with too many posts but on occasion, we feel it may be appropriate to share certain events with your good-selves. Today we would like to promote our mini Winter tour and with your assistance, we would like to make sure that the remaining shows we have for 2016 are packed to the rafter

I was lucky enough to be at the PANIC ROOM concert on Sunday in London (they were shooting their DVD – you are in for a treat) and I had quite a few lovely conversations about – “when are you playing next?”, “where are you playing?”, “will you be touring at all?”. I am so pleased that there is such enthusiasm amongst many of you who want to see us perform live and on top of that, I loved the fact that I spotted more than a few Ghost Community t-shirts in the audience – VERY COOL!! However, I do wonder how we get the news out there about our gigs. Therefore, if you are coming to see us play or want to but can’t, would it be rude of me / us to ask if you could share the attached poster on your pages, please?

Live music for many of us, is an essential part of our lives whether playing, watching, listening or any combination of the 3. In uncertain times it is nice to know that there is a brief respite / escape that live music brings from the barrage of negativity we confront on a daily basis. This is not just about Ghost Community by the way, though obviously we would dearly love help promoting our shows with the French loons Franck Carducci (and the ace Mary Reynaud) and our dear pals, Touchstone (with the brilliant Heather Findlay). This is about our ethos which we have believed in from the beginning that, “We Are All In This Together”. Without you, bands can’t play and without bands, you can’t go to concerts. Obvious maybe but, we ARE fundamentally tied in together and, thank heavens for that. Also, we cannot forget the hard work put in by wonderful organisations such as Prog, The Merch Desk, The Classic Rock Society, Danny Mayo, HOUSE of Progression, The Robin 2, The Talking Heads plus many other brilliant promoters / venues (too many to name check everyone but, you know who you are) who are putting on these gigs and who are helping to keep live music, going. They need your help to continue to do what they do, as well.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. If you feel you want to help and can help, thank you so much. If you can’t, again thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support. There is no pressure and, never will be. We believe that for this scene ( and music in general for that matter) to succeed and flourish, we all (audiences, bands, promoters and printed / online publications) need to pull together and show the world how wonderfully we can all work as one regardless of which artist / genre we have a preference for.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in December. They are going to be amazing shows with some stunning performances from all the bands involved. Finally, we’ll also have some news on our soon to be filmed video which is set to be released, in time for the gigs. Thanks again for reading, you lot ROCK! Be well, be happy and be good to one another.

Much love to you all.

Matty, JPV, Si, Jakey and Moray 🙂 xxxxx

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