Cambridge Rock Festival

After an intensive and highly successful rehearsal in Cardiff on Thursday, the band set off for Cambridge excited at the prospect of a terrific gig at the Cambridge Rock Festival – and we were definitely not disappointed!

Sincere thanks to everyone who did such superb organisation of the festival and invited us to perform, to the stage crew who looked after us perfectly, and of course our audience for the gig who were so supportive and wonderfully responsive as always. It was an enormous privilege to play our album Cycle of Life in its entirety to an audience who certainly showed us they enjoyed every minute.

From the first note to the last, we were in our element! Please, if you were there join us on Facebook by liking our page, buy the album if you don’t already have it (and many of you clearly already have bought it!) and don’t forget us in the Progressive Music Awards where you can cast your vote for us in the Limelight category, where we are proud to be nominated.

Love as always, we are all in this together!

Matt, John Paul, Simon, Jake, and Rob. xx

GC CRF2017 HR 01