Beginnings and Endings – Ad Infinitum

Hi one and all, Matt here. I write this post from a personal point of view and on behalf of my fellow chums in Ghost Community. Life is all about beginnings and endings, ad infinitum. This does not mean however, that when one thing ends, the relationship that was built from that shared journey, ends as well. This is very much the case here so, let me explain…

Jake Bradford-Sharp has for reasons which are personal to him, decided to leave Ghost Community. I / we promise you, there is no falling out or any reason other than a change of personal circumstances on Jake’s part. Even though I wear my heart on my sleeve (which many of you know), I rarely talk openly about personal feelings but in this instance, it would be improper of me to address this from a “business” perspective because, it is so much more than that. When Jake first told me of his decision to leave, I took it quite hard if I am honest as Jake, in all but name, is my brother. We have played side by side for the past 9 years and forged a friendship bonded by respect and brotherly love. We have experienced many things together, worked extremely closely together and I really can’t think of a better guy to have shared that journey with. His loyalty, his honesty and his drive says so much about the man. He’s an incredible talent, a good and true soul plus, an awesome drinking companion.

He will always be a part of Ghost Community after all, we are all in this together. Me and the boys would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for being the man he is and for helping shape the sound of this band. I / we wish him all the very best with all he does in the future and we will be watching / supporting him from the side-lines. As alluded too in the opening of this message, this is not the end of our journey as our friendship carries on regardless plus, stronger than ever. The evidence of which will undoubtedly be witnessed via our various, social media pages.



 HRH Prog on the 18th November will be Jake’s last ever show with us. It is also his birthday on the 19th November (along with, believe it or not, Simon’s and Robert’s) so, I hope all of you who are there will come and join us in celebrating the show, celebrating the birthdays and celebrating music, in a wonderful place.

“What’s next?” I/we hear you ask… 

We are half way through album 2 which I promise you, is sounding A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It’s full steam ahead to complete the new record and to do that, we have secured the services of a wonderful stickman, to drive us on. Therefore without further ado we are over the moon to be able to announce that we have found the right person to take over the important role vacated by Jake.

The prestigious talent that is Scott Higham has joined Ghost Community as a full time member.

Scott is an outstanding player and we are thrilled to have him behind the kit for all future recordings and shows. We’ve genuinely been huge fans of his playing and his performance. His ability speaks for itself and we are über excited to get this album recorded so we can hit the road and rock your collective socks off. We were lucky to find one amazing drummer so to continue the journey with yet another superb talent, leaves us feeling truly blessed.

There we have it dear friends, the Cycle Of Life continues in its inimitable fashion. We can’t wait to see you all on the 18th November at HRH Prog and we hope you will get behind us, drive us on as you always do and help make this transition, one to remember.

Be well, be good and we’ll see you on the other side. Game on!

Much love as always,

Matt, JPV, Si, Robert, Scott – and of course, Jakey


Ghost Community with Scott Higham 2017