About Ghost Community

Every single day, we see, communicate with and experience many “ghosts”, all of whom make up our very small world. As we go about our business in our daily lives, we cross paths with individuals who exist merely as voices at the end of a digital connection. We travel the country and the globe passing though borders, and making eye contact with their gatekeepers – and yet these moments are fleeting and all too soon forgotten.

We take up our positions on a stage and perform for a sea of smiling faces, faces that belong to people who travel far and wide, passionately supporting our every move, and yet we never really get to know them. With the advent of the Internet and the ever increasing prominence of social media channels, we impart information to and share details with hundreds if not thousands of strangers every day, feeling connected to them despite never having met in the “real” world.

This planet that we frequent – and which has become our collective home – is affected by many incredibly powerful, invisible factors that work together continuously to keep us alive. Those subtle, often hidden mechanisms determine how we live our lives and bring us all together. In a fast moving world we sometimes forget the one thing that truly holds everything together: people. These people are the “ghosts” that make up our community.

Without each other, what do we have?

This is the Ghost Community. This is our community. This is your community.

In it, we all stand together.